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Investment casting overview

What is Investment Casting?

Investment casting is a lost wax casting process(also named “precision casting”).It can produce complex products with exceptionally fine surfaces while minimizing material waste, and machining steps.
Material used in investment casting include steels and other alloys based on iron, aluminum, copper and so on.Ningbo Yinzhou Fuchun Precision casting Co.,Ltd has more than 30 years experience in producing precision casting parts and machining parts,which specializes in casting of carbon steel, alloy steel, gray steel, stainless steel and ductile iron materials.

What advantages does Investment Casting have?Why people choose it?

1. Complex shapes which are difficult by any other method are possible;
2. Very close tolerances and excellence surface finish can be obtained;
3. Ready for use with little or no machining required;
4. Almost any metal can be cast;
5. Capable of large shape so that lower cost;
6. Production of 100 g to 600 kg castings;
7. No parting lines


Investment casting can be mainly put into the following categories: valve parts, parts for rail and subways, parts for mining machinery, automobile fittings, parts for hydraulic machinery, parts for project machinery and other parts.It may be the best choice for you.

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