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How to prevent rust of metal products?What is its working principle?

By admin In Art, News Posted 2019-04-12

A metal object can be surface coated on the exposed area to achieve high wear, corrosion resistance or thermal insulation. Surface coating can also be used to repair damaged parts. Complete part replacement is then unnecessary and this refurbishment effectively extends the lifetime of the part.

The common denominator for all of these applications is the need to achieve wear, corrosion, heat, abrasion and impact resistance. This combination of properties can be achieved by Electrostatic Spraying Technology.

The characteristics of  are as follows:

(1)The production process has no pollution to the environment and no harm to the human body.
(2) Simple operation and low technical requirements for workers;
(3) Low cost;
(4)The coating has strong adhesion and high corrosion resistance and fall resistance.

Based on this, more and more companies and products choose electrostatic spraying process.

How Does Electrostatic Spraying Work?

The main crux of electrostatic spray painting involves the concepts of charge and electric fields. We are all familiar with these phenomena as most will have witnessed plastic wrap attaching itself to surfaces or clothes sticking to each other as they are removed from a tumble dryer.

With an aerosol, compressed air forces the paint through the end of the spray gun which atomises the liquid into a fine spray. Atomisation essentially breaks up the paint into small droplets and this process is also utilised in electrostatic spraying, but with one unique difference regarding the methodology. The paint is atomised in a static field which is formed at the end of the electrostatic spray gun.

 Just before the fog of paint leaves the nozzle, it is given a positive charge. The charged paint droplets are sprayed through a strong electric field which is a term used to describe patterns of forces. The negatively charged, grounded metal item attracts the positively charged liquid to its surface very much like a magnet. Here, a basic law of electricity is inherent in the electrostatic system of spray applying paint, namely that opposite polarities attract. Scientifically, this relatively simple concept is known as Coulomb’s Law which states that the same electrical charges repel each other whereas opposite charges attract as in iron filings to a magnet.

With the continuous development of science and technology, electrostatic spraying is more and more widely used in various aspects, such as decorative spraying of household appliances, instruments, hardware parts, bicycles and so on. It is also used in surface anticorrosive coating of various electric shock, chemical pipelines, valves, etc

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