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Is the thicker the car body, the safer it will be?

By admin In Art, News Posted 2018-12-05

In today's automobile market, the thickness of automobile body produced by major brand manufacturers is different.

You may associate Japanese cars with thinner bodywork and German cars with thicker bodywork. This statement has been widely circulated on the Internet and has long been the impression of these two systems.

At this time, there will be a question:

Will the thickness of the car body affect the safety of the car? Is there any theoretical basis to prove this?
In fact, the skin (body) thickness of the main automobile manufacturers in the market is between 0.7mm and 0.9mm, and the thickness of the paint is about 0.15mm, that is, between 0.85 and 1.05mm.Some people will say that the gap is not small, but this is not the biggest difference between them, the thickness of iron in different parts of the car is different.

When designing, the manufacturer will choose the thickness of car skin at different positions from the aspects of stamping complexity, anti-concave rigidity of body surface, avoiding body resonance and so on. For example, the steel plate at the roof of the car, the skylight, snow cover and other factors will be considered in the design, which is often much thicker than other parts of the car body.

It may also be questioned why some cars have a big pit when they press their fingers, while others can't move. It has to be admitted that some cars have been strengthened in body thickness in order to reduce deformation and resonance, rather than "a car with a thick body must be safe".

In other words, is the body thicker or thinner?

Whether the body is thick or thin, the lighter the body, the lower the fuel consumption and the lower the cost as long as it meets the requirements of technology and performance.

For example, the front fender of a car is made of non-metallic materials, but the performance standards can meet the requirements of use and reduce costs.

The biggest problem of automobile development is not that the heavier the car, the safer it is, but whether it can be light and safe. It's easy to weigh 100KG, but to reduce 100KG depends on top-notch manufacturing technology.

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