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The Spring Festival

By admin In Art, News Posted 2024-01-30

Throughout New Year's Eve, all members of a family get together to enjoy themselves through various entertainments while all rooms are decorated by red candles and colorful lanterns. This custom is referred to as waiting for the New Year, an expression of a strong attachment to the old year and looking forward to the coming new year. However, now there are fewer and fewer people in cities who will stay up late to see New Year in.

Two typical foods on the menu are the New Year cake for the southerners and Jiaozi for the northerners. Both foods symbolize luck, as the Chinese term for the New Year cake is niangao, which has the same sound as Chinese expression meaning“senior". The shape of jiaozi is like ancient Chinese currency made of gold, so people eat them and wish for money and treasure.

Our company has Spring Festival holiday from February 4th to February 18th. Happy Chinese New Year, we wish everything goes well with you.


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