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What are the Challenges and Opportunities for the machinery manufacturing industry in China?

By admin In Art, News Posted 2018-07-02

What is the present situation of the machinery manufacturing industry ?
The machinery manufacturing industry is in the basic position in the national industry, and it is also a country's pillar industry, which can affect the development of the national economy to a great extent.In the long-term economic construction, China's mechanical manufacturing industry has made remarkable achievements, but it is undeniable that it also exposes some problems in the process of development.For any country, the level of machinery manufacturing industry will have an important impact on the country's economic construction, and China is no exception.The level of China's machinery manufacturing industry can, to a certain extent, reflect the overall level of China's economic construction.Therefore, it can be no exaggeration to say that the machinery manufacturing industry provides an important guarantee for the development of the country, and it is also one of the important criteria for judging the level of national construction.

What are the reasons for the slow development of the machinery manufacturing industry ?
With the implementation of China's reform and opening policy, the joint venture has introduced advanced production equipment and production technology in developed countries as a driving force to promote the development of China's machinery manufacturing industry.But at the same time, it also caused a series of problems.From the current situation, large foreign companies have achieved their own development goals by mastering control rights in the production and construction of machinery manufacturing industry in China.Large foreign companies tend to choose companies with broad prospects for mergers and acquisitions.

The mechanical manufacturing industry in China not only faces the severe challenges brought by large foreign enterprises, but also must actively cope with the technical loopholes in its production and construction.The propaganda media often exaggerate the advantages of the import machinery in the propaganda, resulting in the emergence of the public in our country, and the wrong understanding of the high quality of the domestic machinery and equipment is not as good as the imported equipment in foreign countries.Machinery manufacturing industry is the pillar industry in China's national economy. Therefore, it is required that the machinery manufacturing industry must attach importance to the research and development of core technology and change the state of relying on the core equipment abroad.

Machinery manufacturing level is lagging behind China's machinery manufacturing industry is lagging behind, and the most obvious gap between foreign machinery manufacturing industry is the engine manufacturing.Our country has a low attention to intellectual property, and the management of intellectual property is far behind the developed countries, and the level of intellectual property management of many researchers is very backward.

The focus of state support deviates from the attention of our government departments to production and manufacturing industry and the investment of funds will directly affect the level of technology research and development in the machinery manufacturing industry.In the past few decades, our government has not attached great importance to the development of mechanical manufacturing industry, nor has it provided policy or fund support for the machinery manufacturing industry. Not only that, the intellectual property rights of the R & D personnel can not be effectively protected, which greatly reduced the research and development of R & D personnel.

What is the future development situation?
With the advent of the new century, computer integrated manufacturing has gradually become the most common form of production in the machinery manufacturing industry.Computer integrated manufacturing can integrate a certain number of related systems in the enterprise, such as automated manufacturing system, information management system, information quality system, engineering technology information system and computer network and database system, and can be used in computer integrated manufacturing to achieve unified management.

Intelligent machinery is an intelligent system in the intelligent machinery manufacturing industry. Intelligent system can be used to analyze the production status and manage intelligently according to the analysis results.The intelligent system of the machinery manufacturing industry has the friendliness and adaptability, which can not only reduce the contradiction between the managers and the production staff, but also make the management process more in line with the actual production situation.The introduction of intelligent production equipment can not only greatly improve the safety in the production process, reduce environmental pollution, but also make the product performance more in line with the actual demand of the market.

Agility is one of the most important criteria for judging the competitive strength of the mechanical manufacturing industry. Therefore, the mechanical manufacturing enterprises must improve their response ability.The machinery manufacturing enterprises should cooperate with each other in order to understand the specific needs of the users in the shortest time and improve the response ability. Only in this way can the products meet the users' needs, and the competitive strength of the enterprises can be promoted.

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