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HANNOVER MESSE-nin gətirdiyi imkanlar və çağırışlar

Admin tərəfindən İncəsənətdə, Xəbərlərdə Posted 2021-04-13

Opportunities and Challenges brought by the HANNOVER MESSE


Given the latest developments in Covid-19, the 74th German HANNOVER MESSE will be held in the form of a pure digital exhibition. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, industrial transformation is continuing.


History of the HANNOVER MESSE

HANNOVER MESSE was founded in 1947 and has a history of 64 years. After more than half of the actual continuous development and improvement,it has become the world's top professional and the largest international trade exhibition involving industry. It not only has the world's largest display site, but also has a very high technology content, and is recognized as one of the most important platforms to link global industrial design, processing and manufacturing, technology applications and international trade.


With the progress of the times, more and more Asians,Americans and Africans come to negotiate , as the world's largest industrial country, Chinese exhibitors have naturally become a major force.


Xüsusiyyətləri HANNOVER MESSE

Since the concept of industry 4.0 proposed by the German Industrial Union in 2013, the traditional industrial exhibition has become a frontier of industrial digital technology.Manufacturers from more than 50 countries gathered under the banner of Industry 4.0 to show millions of participants the latest technologies in world industry and lead the trend of world industry. All the participating exhibitors show their own skills and win the attention, but also show their leading position in various technical fields, and then seize business opportunities. Every industry giant is working towards this goal: how will digitization promote industrial development and what changes can it bring to people?

Opportunities and challenges

This problem has also troubled many Chinese industrial exhibitors. China's huge industrial system is often described as a dragon, but whether the dragon can continue to fly will depend on whether it can take advantage of the opportunity of industrial digitization, improve the strength and speed of industrial transformation, and whether the results of this transformation are sustainable.


Ningbo Yinzhou Fuchun Precision Casting Co., Ltd has more than 30 years of casting and processing experience, mainly in the production of customized metal parts, especially in valve accessories, train accessories, construction machinery accessories.Fuchun Precision Casting participated in the HANNOVER MESSE of Germany many times, hoping to seize the opportunity, meet the challenge and achieve the future in this digital transformation!

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