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El festival de mitjans de tardor

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Moon cakes are the traditional food for Mid-Autumn Festival. In ancient times, there was a hero named Hou Yi who was very good at archery. Chang’e a beautiful and kind- hearted lady, was his wife. One year, the ten suns rose in the sky together, which burned all the crops. People lived in poverty.

Hou Yi shot nine of the suns from the sky and left only one to provide light. An immortal admired Hou Yi and sent him a special medicine.It is said that by taking the medicine, one would fly immediately to heaven and become an im- mortal. Hou Yi did not want to leave Chang’e and be an immortal without her, so he asked Chang’e to keep the medicine. But Pang Meng, one of his students, knew this secret. So on the fifteenth of August in the lunar calendar, when Hou Yi was not at home, Pang Meng rushed into Hou Yi’s house and forced Chang’e to give the medicine to him. Chang’e had no choice but to swallow it and flew up to heaven. Since she loved her husband very much and hoped to live nearby, she chose the moon for her residence. When Hou Yi came back and learned what had happened, he felt so sad that he set up an incense table in the back yard.On the ta- ble, he displayed the fruits and cakes Chang’e liked best. People soon learned about this, they also set up their own incense tables, and prayed to Chang’e for good fortune.The custom of worshipping the moon spread far and wide.

That’s the legend that explains the tradition of eating moon cakes.

El Festival de Mitja Tardor i el Dia Nacional d'enguany coincideixen, i la nostra empresa tindrà 8 dies de vacances. Del 29 de setembre al 6 d'octubre, esperem que els nostres convidats distingits ho puguin conèixer.

Espero que tot vagi bé amb tu!


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