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How to find a good Chinese foundry supplier under the epidemic

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The pneumonia epidemic of new coronavirus infection is still continuing. The current top priority of all of us is to continue to fight the virus and race against time to resolutely prevent the reinfection and spread of the epidemic! At the same time, all walks of life in China are facing another big test, especially the foundry industry-problems such as insufficient number of reworkers, limited logistics, and difficult supply of raw materials have followed. Metal foundry industry is the basic industry of industrial manufacturing , As the mother of industry, is the first to bear the brunt.

1.The epidemic's test on the foundry industry
● In most domestic foundry companies, the resumption date originally scheduled for February 3 (the tenth day of the first month) was postponed, and the next resumption date cannot be determined. However, the foundry companies that have resumed work also have delivery problems and become foundry The biggest test of business.
● The customers of foundry companies are in various industries at home and abroad. Even during the normal Chinese New Year, customer orders will delay processing and delivery. At present, it is catching up with logistics holidays, epidemic control, and unavailability of shipments, and more backlogs.
● Another test is: the cash flow of the business. Due to the delayed delivery and delayed start, the company's payment will be delayed, but the various production materials purchased for the order are placed in the factory. Each additional day will incur costs, which is equivalent to the money being squeezed there. It cannot be turned into cash flow. In addition, the start of work is delayed, the wages of employees must be paid normally, and interest expenses on loans must be paid back normally, so for enterprises, cash flow pressure is very high.

2. How to find high quality Chinese foundry suppliers
Ningbo Yinzhou Fuchun Precision Casting Co., Ltd. also resumed work on February 15th, and encountered some of the problems mentioned above. In the face of difficulties, the company formulated a prevention and control system for resumption of epidemic situation; it adopted online office, Internet conference, and telephone Communication and other methods; The factory will strictly control the safety and health of workers every day, prepare common items such as masks, disinfection water, and take protective measures. This enables our customers to supply the materials as soon as they need them.
Ningbo Yinzhou Fuchun Precision Casting Co., Ltd. was established in 1988 and is located in the beautiful coastal city of Ningbo in eastern China.
Our company specializes in the production of carbon steel, alloy steel, gray steel, stainless steel, nodular cast iron and other castings. It is one of the leading domestic foundries. The annual production capacity is 10,000 tons, and the product weight ranges from 100 grams to 600 kilograms. We also produce mechanical parts for buyers all over the world and can produce according to customers' drawings. So far, our products can be divided into the following categories: valve parts, rail subway parts, mining machinery parts, automotive parts, hydraulic machinery parts, construction machinery parts, etc.
The company has 7 medium frequency electric furnaces, with spectrometers, metallographic analyzers, hardness testers, ultrasonic flaw detectors, magnetic particle flaw detectors, impact flaw detectors, tensile flaw detectors and other testing instruments. With one-stop processing capabilities of boring, milling, drilling, turning, 13 CNC lathes, 7 CNC machining centers and related supporting processing equipment. We attach great importance to our quality control system to ensure that our products have the best quality and give customers the best service and experience.
We have passed ISO9001, TUV-PED, BV and GL.DNV certification. 80% of the products are exported to Europe, the United States and Australia; they are welcomed by customers and have established long-term business relationships with customers.
We believe that good quality and honesty can help us win customers. We look forward to working with you to establish mutually beneficial business relationships. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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