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Hvad er hemmeligheden i Starbucks Cat's Paw Cup?

Af admin In Art, News Sendt 2019-02-28

Har du set det kattepote kop circulating on the internet recently?
Starbucks China launched this unique double-walled glass cup today.
The merchandise has been making the news for causing chaos among customers who fought over it.After seeing the design, we can understand why people are going crazy.
The outer layer is a regular cup, but the inner layer is in the shape of a cat paw reaching for the bottom.The paw could belong to any furry animal, but it makes us think of tubby little cat paws kneading.

So, we have a question: how is such a "strange shape" cup made?

First, let's analyze the cat's paw cup. If it's an ordinary open cup, it's easy to make. Direct Die Stamping can be formed at one time. However, this shape of inner glass of is the cat's paw. If the cat's paw is stamped, the mold can not be pulled out. So what exactly should we do?

I think it's about the same way as making double-wall vacuum mug.Like the following:

1、The liquid glass falls into the conical die to make an inverted conical bottle. The outer side of the conical bottle is an inverted triangle formed by the die, and the cylinder in the middle is also part of the die. This hollow is used to blow the bottle in the next die.
2、Put the conical bottle in the new mould and blow the high-pressure air directly into the bottle with the industrial air jet. It will blow out a wine cup. If you want to make a cat's paw shape, you just need to change the mold of the cat's paw.
3、One of the difficulties in the processing of double glasses is the merging of outer glasses and inner glasses.
Because of the machinability of glass, it's enough to be heated! The upper part of the opening of the bottle is clamped by the manipulator arm, and the middle part is heated by a high temperature open fire. Once pulled, the bottle is disconnected. When the glass is broken by firing, the glass mouth is melted and sealed.
4、The manufacturing process of double glasses is nested. The left and right chucks fix the inner and outer single-layer glasses, and then straddle together.
5、After nesting, the rotational speed of the two chucks keeps the same, holding the inner and outer glasses with friction force respectively, so as to make the big cup cover the small cup. At this time, there is a certain distance between the two layers of glass, using high-temperature melting cup at the mouth of the two layers of glass, gradually melting together, slowly to achieve "seamless"
6、If the inner cavity of the laminated glass is sealed first, the heated air will easily crack as soon as it expands. Therefore, the bottom of the large cup is often not sealed, leaving a hole or a tube, after the double-layer merger before starting to seal.
7、Finally, the finished glass should be tempered to eliminate the internal stress caused by concave moulding and prevent bursting.

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