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Ĉu elfosilsiteloj devas esti anstataŭigitaj ofte? Kion ni atenti ???

De admin En Arto, Novaĵoj Afiŝita 2019-04-02

Elkavatorsitelo is one of the most frequently used parts of excavator in operation. The bucket is also the fastest wearing component, which needs to be replaced frequently. Excavator bucket replacement is a technical work, which requires operators to pay attention to many matters in order to complete the operation without damaging the machine and personnel.

What are the precautions for replacing excavator buckets?
1. When hammer is used to hit the pin shaft, the metal chip may fly into the eye, causing serious injury. When performing this operation, staff should always wear goggles, safety helmet, first stage and other protective equipment. Only when we protect our personal safety can we carry out the next operation.
2. When unloading the bucket, the bucket should be placed steadily.
3. When disassembling the pin shaft, special attention should be paid not to stand under the bucket, nor to place the foot or any part of the body under the bucket. When removing or installing pin shafts, be careful not to touch hands.
4. Before changing the bucket, the machine should be parked on a solid flat ground. When working on links, for the sake of safety, it is necessary to clarify the signals and work carefully with the tubing personnel who are working on links.

The main part of excavator is its bucket, which plays a decisive role in lifting, loading, leveling, pushing and pulling, etc. Daily monthly wear and tear is scarred for the bucket. If the bucket maintenance is not in place, it may even lead to bucket deformation and bucket position distortion.Daily replacement of excavator can reduce the failure rate, ensure the operation of equipment and extend the service life.

At the same time, we should also pay attention to the above four points. We must not abide by the norms in the actual operation, resulting in casualties and losses.

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