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Ĉu vi pensas, ke Metala 3D Printado anstataŭigos tradician fandan teknologion?

De admin En Arto, Novaĵoj Afiŝita 2018-12-31

En la lastaj jaroj, metala 3D presado has become increasingly popular. One reason metal 3D printing has become such a hot topic is that parts can be serially 3D printed for mass production. In fact, some parts created with metal 3D printing are already just as good, if not better, than those manufactured by traditional methods.

3D presa teknologio has been widely used in aerospace, automobile, mould, biomedical, electronics, construction, clothing and other fields. As one of the frontier technologies, the commercial value of metal 3D printing has also been recognized by more and more people in the industry. With the help of metal 3D printing technology, the problems of low material utilization and long manufacturing cycle in traditional forging process of industrial products have been solved to a certain extent, and the flexibility of industrial products manufacturing has also been improved.

What are the advantages of metal 3D printing compared with traditional manufacturing technology?

1、Traditionally, parts are manufactured by moulding, casting and machining processes. The focus of these processes is how to design functions, optimization and efficiency. Because once these processes are developed, they are fixed. Any change will lead to higher costs, lower production and lower production efficiency.

Metal 3D printing differs in that it allows optimization of part design to enhance functionality, provides a dynamic production environment, allows and encourages continuous improvement and design modification, and is suitable for economical and efficient low-volume manufacturing.

2、In traditional manufacturing, making metal and plastic objects can be a wasteful process. Plenty of chunky parts are produced and surplus material used. When aircraft makers manufacture metal parts, up to 90% of the material is cut away. 3D printing metal parts uses less energy and reduces waste to a minimum. And finished 3D printed products can be up to 60% lighter than their machined counterparts. The aviation industry alone saves billions of dollars through this weight reduction.

At present, the research and development of metal 3D printing frontier technology in our country is speeding up day by day, and the industry development presents a vibrant scene. The scarcity of materials, high price, lack of professionals and other problems restrict the rapid development of the whole industry, but I believe that the final metal 3D printing will break these difficulties and produce more high-quality parts or industrial products.

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