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La Mez-Aŭtuna Festivalo

De admin En Arto, Novaĵoj Afiŝita 2022-09-08

The Mid-Autumn Festival has a very long history. In ancient China. emperors followed the custom of offering sacrifices to the sun in spring and to the moon in autumn.The word“mid-autumn”had already been recorded in Zhou Li,a historical book from the Zhou dynasty. Later, aristocrats and scholars helped promote the ceremony to the general public. People expressed their thoughts and feelings while they were enjoying the glorious full moon that night. By the Tang dynasty, the Mid-Autumn Festival had become a regular celebration, and it became even more popular in the Song dynasty. In the Ming and Qing dynasties it was a major festival in China.

On Mid-Autumn Festival, families get together and have a big dinner.We eat the traditional food moon cake. Owing to the timing of the plant’s blossoms. Cassia Wine is the traditional choice for the “reunion wine” drunk on this occasion. From the homophony between “wine” and “forever” in Chinese, Cassia Wine is also a traditional gift for birthdays in China.


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