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अनुकूलित चित्र या नमूने

Customize by Your Drawings
In the drawing review stage, the technical department will carefully check the drawings and determine whether the tolerance of the drawing is reasonable and whether our existing technology and equipment can be achieved. The location, size, font of foundry type is suitable for this product in the process of water glass.
For the requirements of Material and Mechanical properties, we can help as below:
1.Whether the material on the drawing will meet the mechanical properties required? There is a range of mechanical properties for each material.
2.What is the environment in which the product is used? Different operating environment, like high temperature, low temperature, high humidity. We will suggest different but suitable surface treatment for your reference.
3.What can we do when the required mechanical properties are immutable and can’t be changed? We are experienced in adjusting the chemical elements of the material to upgrade the mechanical properties and have the ability to customize the material for you.

Customize by Your Samples
नमूने प्राप्त होने के बाद परीक्षण और निरीक्षण की एक श्रृंखला होगी।
1.आयाम माप
2.रासायनिक संरचना परीक्षण
3. Mechanical property test
4. Draw yo the preliminary drawings and proposed tolerances according to all the above information and data,for your reference and confirmation.

नमूना चरण
1.If needed, based on casting process, the engineers will help to propose reasonable modification suggestions for non-critical dimensions to achieve the best quality. Of course, these modifications will not affect the actual use or assembly.
2.For the design of casting blank, we always try best to keep the machining allowance to the minimum, effectively reduce the blank weight to help you control the the costs.
3.During production process, we will do what we can do to help you to solve problems.

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