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Pengetahuan mekanis macam apa yang bisa dimiliki orang yang tidak memiliki mekanik tertentu?

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The tighter the bolt is, the worse the result is.

The most common automotive hub fastening bolts are used here.

Common auto repairmen tighten their arms with all their strength! I'm afraid I'm not strong enough to tread on my feet!

Although it can be tightly screwed, it will not loosen, but it will cause the bolt to be elongated, or internal cracks, because of excessive force, which exceeds the stress of bolt design. Long-term use may lead to bolt fracture.The consequences could be serious.

So what's the right way?

Different brands of different models, their tire wheel bolts need different torque, according to the specified torque value to use torque wrench to tighten! Torque wrench can set its torque value before working. When the pre-tightening force reaches this value, the torque wrench will make a "click" sound, even if it is not screwed again, it will not rotate the bolt.

This is true in many parts assembly of automobiles! Including a lot of equipment, instruments, and so on, the more precise, the stricter the requirements!

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