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Qingming Festival is a traditional Chinese festival and an important day of sacrifice for most people,including the Hans and China’s 55 other ethnic minorities, to go and sweep tombs and honor their ancestors.

There are various activities for Qingming Festival.The most popular ones such as tomb cleaning and repair, spring outings, kite flying, and putting willow branches on gates have been an important part of this festival since the beginning.People often participate in a sport to warm up and look forward to the arrival of spring.

Qingming is a festival as well as one of the Chinese 24 solar terms, which tell people the change of air temperatures, rainfall, and help farmers arrange their farming activities accordingly. Qingming is the solar term implying the coming of spring and the increase of rains. It is the best time for spring ploughing and sowing as well as for spring outing. There fore, after the festival, farmers are busy with their farming work, and people go out for fresh air and many kinds of recreation and sports activities, like riding on a swing, and flying kites.

Our company will rest for ancestor worship on April 5th, I hope you distinguished customers know it. Pay for your happiness and safety in spring.


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