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Kakšni so standardi obdelave delov gredi? Kako naj izbiramo dobavitelje?

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V zadnjih letih je Processing Industry of Axle Parts in our country has developed rapidly, and various large-scale machinery processing factories are constantly innovating and improving the processing technology of Axle Parts.

For the processing of axle parts, what technological requirements should we know?
1. Dimenzijska natančnost
The journal is the main part of the shaft parts, which affects the rotation accuracy and working state of the shaft. The diameter accuracy of the journal is usually IT6-9 according to its application requirements, and the precision journal can reach IT5.
2. Geometric accuracy
The geometric accuracy of Journal (roundness and cylindricity) should generally be limited to the tolerance of diameter. If the precision of geometric shape is high, the allowable tolerance can be stipulated separately on the part drawing.
3. Natančnost položaja
Refers to the coaxiality of the mating Journal of the assembly transmission relative to the supporting Journal of the assembly bearing, which is expressed by the radial circular jump of the mating journal to the supporting journal. According to the requirements of use, the high-precision axis is 0.001-0.005mm, while the general precision axis is 0.01-0.03mm. In addition, the coaxiality of inner cylindrical surface and the perpendicularity of axially positioned end face and axis center line are also required.
4. Površinska hrapavost
According to the different parts, there are different surface roughness values. With the increase of machine speed and precision, the requirement of surface roughness value of shaft parts is getting smaller and smaller.
5. Do not use bearings when the surface of bearings is discolored.
Alloy bearing lining is not allowed to be used when the surface is yellow. No nucleation is allowed in the specified contact angle. The nucleation area outside the contact angle should not be greater than 10% of the total area of the non-contact area. The base face of the gear (worm wheel) should be fitted to the shoulder (or the end face of the positioning sleeve). It is not allowed to be inspected with a 0.05 mm plug ruler. The verticality requirement between the base end face and the axis of the gear should be guaranteed.
6. Kontaktna površina
After assembling the outer ring of the bearing, the end face of the bearing cover at the positioning end should contact evenly, the rolling bearing should rotate flexibly and smoothly by hand, and the joint surface of the upper and lower bearing bushes should be close to each other, which can not be checked with a 0.05mm plug ruler. When fixing the bearing bush with the positioning pin, the joint and pin should be drilled under the condition that the opening and end face of the tile and the relevant bearing holes are level. The pin shall not be loosened after it is entered.

O precision requirement of shaft parts is relatively high, so the technological requirement of mechanical processing of shaft parts should be more stringent, in order to better ensure the operation of mechanical equipment and longer service life.We have many years of processing experience for axle parts, and are good at producing all kinds of natančni deli, Kot je automobile parts, train parts, Itd

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